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Development boards

There are two types of development boards available in the laboratory:

The development boards are described in chapter 5 of the laboratory manual. Pay attenition that complete schematic of a develpoment board consists of two parts. The first part (basic part) is common for both development boards and is shown inFigure 29. The second part of 80C320 development board is shown in Appendix C while the second part of 80C552 development board is shown in Appendix D. The first part makes up the basic microprocessor system (with microprocessor and memory devices) which is extended by additional circuits from a second part. The basic part can be presented as at the picture below (there are no ports P0 and P2 shown because they make up address bus and data bus).

Microprocessor system as a block

Below there is description of symbols used in the schematics from appendices C and D.

oznaczenia na schematach

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